Industries and Specialties Served

We specialize in partnering with growth-phase healthcare organizations to identify and deliver key staff quickly and efficiently. Our team of recruiters bring specialized expertise and established contact networks in their key areas of business. These include:

  • Valeo Behavioral Health: Behavioral and Mental Health, Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment, and Eating Disorder.
  • Valeo Labforce Personnel: Laboratory, Toxicology, Medical Reference, and Testing Services.
  • Valeo EMS: Emergency Medical Services and Private Ambulance Service.
  • Valeo Ambulatory: Ambulatory Care, Outpatient Surgical, Spine, Orthopedic.
Valeo Behavioral Health Recruiting

Behavioral Health Recruiting

Valeo Sales Force Consulting

Sales Force Consulting

What People Are Saying About Valeo

Valeo Resources is top notch in every aspect! As a development firm that handles all sorts of technologies from iPhones to financial systems, we need the best talent. The team at Valeo worked with our strict guidelines and found us the right candidates. – Anthony Segrich, CEO

Valeo Resources was our guiding hand to find the right people. It seemed to be near impossible before seeking their professional assistance. We are building a strong team and focusing on growing with the correct skills obtained with their help. – Kristine Wilson, CEO

Our Mission

We make meaningful and lasting enhancements to the lives of people and organizations using superior technology, training, and industry expertise to deliver the best talent to our clients quickly and efficiently, saving time, money and delivering the manpower needed to execute on their goals and vision.

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Video Interviews

  • Save time and money with video pre-screens
  • Access interviews anywhere at anytime
  • Eliminate interest level interviews and maximize your valuable interview time

ON DEMAND Video Interviewing! Our clients simply invite candidates to record responses to standardized questions via webcam whenever, wherever. Then just watch, rate, share and compare the ones you want on your own time. It’s just like streaming previews of your favorite movies. You can even watch them from your smart phone or at 30,000 feet.

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