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How it Began

 Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow 

Valeo Resources was born out of a friendship between the two founders, Rob Murphy and Louis Devaleix. They share a common passion for the ocean, diving, and spearfishing. They also share an entrepreneurial drive, relentless work ethic, and a dedication to exceptional customer service.
The idea of Valeo began in discussion phase in early 2011 and by July the company was formed and operational. Louis brought a strong business leadership background from a career in international business and Rob brought 15 years staffing and recruiting expertise. They identified several growing and underserved areas of healthcare, and rapidly gained a reputation as a firm that delivers quality results quickly.
Valeo is an established talent acquisition leader in several verticals of Health Care. Once clients experience the quality results, the platinum customer service, and the efficiency delivered through Valeo’s proprietary blend of technology, they don’t want to work with anyone else.
Valeo also prides itself as an environment that has launched several employees successful careers and allowed many to attain personal development and financial stability. To learn more about Working at Valeo, please click on the link below.
Work at Valeo

The Valeo Team

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