“Valeo is Latin for Strength, and Strength is at the core of everything we do.”
– Louis Devaleix and Robert Murphy,  Co-Founders

INTUITION Through the combined efforts of Valeo associate training
and continued corporate education, we are focused on knowing
your needs and being able to anticipate your desired outcomes.
At Valeo we strive to turn Intuition into an operational discipline.

PEOPLE The Valeo process starts with our People's core values and
is guided by our People's core principles. This ideology allows
us to ensure your needs are met with the same standards in which
we hold our own team.

TECHNOLOGY In an ever-changing world, Valeo places the exploration and
adaptation of new Technology at the forefront of our
professional resources. We feel Technology is critical in
allowing us to maximize our time to ensure prompt service
and deliver top, often limited talent to our clients.

PERSPECTIVE Exercising the appropriate Perspective is critical to meeting
our clients needs efficiently. Valeo understands this and we value
our clients unique Perspectives in addition to our own as
it fits into the marketplace.

Valeo has a definitive focus on Speed, however,
we do not lose focus or allow a sacrifice in quality
or our superior customer service.

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